Learning How To Use Google AdWords Profitable

What concepts are used in this report?
2. Register A Google AdWords Account
How can I register a Google AdWords account?
3. ClickBank
How can I promote products and earn commissions through
4. My AdWords Strategy And Some Live Proof
I already got a Google AdWords account. Now, how can I start
profitable campaigns like yours?
5. Must Have Products For Your Internet Marketing Success
What products/eBooks/services I must have to improve my
Internet marketing skills?
6. Make Money With This Report
How can I make money promoting the “AdWords Profits” report?
7. Big Discount In A Great E-Book
Having bought this report have his payback. MUST READ.
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Basic Concepts
Affiliate Marketing – Is the use by a Web site that sells products of
other Web sites, called affiliates, to help market the products. A
system of advertising in which site A agrees to feature buttons from
site B, and site A gets a percentage of any sales generated for site B.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – An advertising system where an advertiser
pays an agreed amount for each click delivered to his or her site from
a link or listing keyed to a specific search term, area of a site or even a
Google AdWords – A Pay Per Click (PPC) program of advertising on
Google. The ads appear on the right hand side of the Google Search
page on keywords / key phrases that you choose.
Cost Per Click – Is the amount you pay per click-through of an
Click Through Rate – Is simply the percentage that users click on
your ad. For example, if 100 users saw your ad, and 2 people clicked
your ad to visit your website, your click-through rate would be 2%
ClickBank – Is the Internet’s largest digital marketplace, where
thousands of the Web’s most popular products are sold every day.
Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or promote digital products,
ClickBank is for you. To visit “ClickBank” site visit:
Register A Google AdWords Account
Go to http://adwords.google.com and click on the “Click to Begin”
button to get started.
The next screen will give you an option between two types of accounts
Starter and Standard. Since we’re going to be going deep inside
AdWords, there’s no need to go for a Starter account select “Standard”
and then click on “Continue”.
On the next screen, you choose the languages you want to target. So
if you were in Spain and wanted to target Spanish-speaking Google
users, you would select Spanish. Google also let’s you target specific
countries, specific regions and cities or even a specified geographic
location (such as a 30-mile radius around a certain street address).
I’d recommend sticking with “country-level” targeting for now the
other two options are a bit more advanced, and I personally never use
The next step is to write your ad, then pay a $5 fee to open your
Google AdWords account.
In this report I will teach you how to create profitable campaigns. But
you first have to know how to create and write AdWords ads. If you
are reading this report we are assuming that you know how to create
AdWords ads. If not, please read the next eBook that I give you as a
free bonus. There you will find all the information needed about
AdWords from the beginning. Then you can continue reading the
strategy in this report that I use for big online profits.
You can download a free copy of the “AdWords Made Easy” 85-page
eBook from:
The “AdWords Made Easy” eBook is a must have if you want to know
everything about Google AdWords, and I am giving you as a free gift
for being my customer.
First of all, you must register a free account at ClickBank. To register a
free account at ClickBank go to:
Then you need to find your niche. Find a niche that you know most
about. It could be about dog training, weight loss, sports, etc.
After you define your niche, go to ClickBank’s marketplace.
There you can find products to promote. To find the best products its
easy in ClickBank.
“In the Marketplace products are ranked by their “productivity score”.
To preserve the integrity of the system we do not publish the formula
for the score, or the score itself, but we can say that it is a function of
these four factors:
$Earned/Sale: Average net amount earned per affiliate per referred
sale. Note that this is the net earned per actual sale, and so it is
impacted by refunds, chargebacks, and sales taxes. Unfunded sales,
such as returned checks, do not impact this number.
Future $: Average total rebill revenue earned by the affiliate due to
sales from a site. Generally this equates to the average sum of all
Total $: The sum of all initial sales and rebills divided by the number
of initial sales. It is the average total $ per sale, including all rebills
that may come from that sale.
%Earned/Sale: Average percentage commission earned per affiliate
per referred sale. This number should only vary if the publisher has
changed their payout percentage over time.
%Referred: Fraction of publisher’s total sales that are referred by
Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by
referring a paying customer to the publisher’s products. This is a
weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last
8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The
more recent the last referral, the higher the value added.”
Now that you know the four most important factors about ClickBank’s
marketplace, you will be able to choose the best products to promote.
After you find a good converting product, you need to create your
hoplink (the link you will be promoting to earn sales commissions).
To create your product’s hoplink, you must head to ClickBank’s
marketplace and click on the “create hoplink” link below the product
you want to promote. Then write your ClickBank ID and click “Submit”.
That is the link you will use to promote that product and earn a
commission on each sale, so write it somewhere.
Well, now you got your Google AdWords account created and your
hoplink of the product that you are going to promote.
Its time to create your profitable Google AdWords campaign the right
Head to the next page where you’ll find the Google AdWords strategy
that I use for big online profits.
My AdWords Strategy And Some Live Proof
When you got this report, we are assuming that you know about
affiliate marketing and PPC marketing at least a little bit. So what I
have just explained about choosing a ClickBank product to promote its
extra, but it doesn’t hurt anyone to read about it again.
Lets get to the point now, I will start with a brief example of real stats.
Here is an example of just september 19th 2007. Spending only $1.39,
getting 12.50% CTR, an average CPC of $0.07 and 4 conversions
(sales) at $27 each. After paying PayPal fees, that gives me a total of
$102.60 in net amount, everyday, for each campaign.
Screenshot of my campaign:
Screenshot of my ad group:
Screenshot of my keyword list:
Screenshot of my ad variations:
Screenshot of my PayPal account of that day’s results of only that
Google AdWords campaign:
As you can see, following the right strategy you can make 98%+ in
profit for every Google AdWords campaign that you start with my
Its easy to do but requires some testing and time to get it going
correctly for each different campaign.
Here is a screenshot of another day (randomly chosen):
I will start by explaining you this sytem with an example.
Lets say you will promote a dog training ebook written in english
language that will be sold online to everyone in any place of the world.
The first step is to create a Google AdWords campaign called “Dog
Training”. Then you should call your first ad group “Dog Training 1”.
Go to your Google AdWords account, click on “Campaign Management”
then click to create a new “keyword-targeted” campaign.
Select “English” as your customer’s language and “Countries and
territories” as your customer’s location. Then click “Continue”.
Select “All countries and territories”, click “Add”, then click “Continue”.
Write an ad that will attract customer’s clicks (so you will get a higher
CTR). See the next page for an example:
Headline: Is Your Dog Not Behaving?
Description line 1: Train Your Dog The Smart Way!
Description line 2: Get The Only eBook You’ll Ever Need
Display URL: TheProductSite.com
Destination URL: YourAffiliateLink
The ad above is an example of an ad that will attract customers’ clicks.
Replace “TheProductSite.com” with the real domain name you will be
pointing your ad to, and “YourAffiliateLink” with your affiliate link, it
could be your ClickBank hoplink for the dog training ebook we choose
to promote in the example, or whatever affiliate link you will use.
Then click “Continue”.
The next point is very important!
You MUST turn content network off. If not, your ad will show in any
AdSense site, and it will have a lot of views, but not clicks (which will
lower your CTR and it will cause your Quality Score go down). And
even if you get clicks, they won’t be targeted visitors. So if you will use
my strategy, remember to turn content network off in your
AdWords campaigns.
To turn content network off, simply go to the “Campaign Summary”
tab inside your Google AdWords account. Click on your campaign’s
checkbox then on the “Edit Settings” button. At the right side of the
page (under Networks), UNCHECK “Content network”, then click
“Save Changes” and you are ready to use that campaign with my
AdWords strategy.
Lets go back to the AdWords ad editing.
This is the tricky part. Its time to choose your keywords. Keep in mind
that each click will cost you. So there is no point in having a lot of
visitors, if those visitors are not going to buy anything.
You must focus in getting targeted visitors (quality traffic). That means
to get clicks only from people that are looking exactly for what you
have to offer, that will increase your conversions ratio a lot.
In my campaigns, I use a total of 9 keywords only. Because I only use
the most targeted keywords (well, they are keyphrases). I only use
keyphrases that converts visitors into customers. There is no point in
having a lot of keywords, even if they get you a lot of visitors or if
their CPC is too low. You will only be wasting money in untargeted
As you can see in my campaign screenshots, I get about 20~25 clicks
daily to each campaign. But for each one, I only use 9 keyphrases (the
most targeted). Each of those keywords converts at about 20% or
higher. And I am selling a $27 eBook through PayPal.
A high converting $27 eBook converts at 5%. But using my keywords
strategies, you can make your PPC campaigns convert $17, $27 and
even $47 products at 20% or higher.
Because by using targeted keywords, you are giving the visitor exactly
what he is looking for, and if he is a desperate buyer, he will go for
with your product and make the sale.
You should only bid for very targeted keyphrases, no matter if you
have to pay up to $0.30 per click. If they will be converting 20% of
your visitors into buyers, you will be getting extremely high profits.
For example, if you spend as much as $0.30 per click to promote a
$27 eBook (using my keywords strategy that makes your campaign
convert at 20%): 100/20=5 so… ($0.30*5) = $1.5 (this is what you
will spend in AdWords costs for each conversion). So if each
conversion is a $27 sale, you profit ($27-$1.5) = $25.5 (for every 5
very targeted unique visitors).
But you won’t have 5 unique very targeted visitors daily, you can have
20, 50 or even 100+ daily visitors per campaign. So do the math of
your earnings!
Or would you like to do what the “gurus” tell you and have hundreds
of visitors at $0.05 per click? But almost none of them buying from
you, because they are not targeted visitors.
Note – If after spending in AdWords costs almost the amount of your
commission, is time to stop that campaign or modify it by using new
and even more targeted keywords to avoid losing money.
Lets continue with the dog training eBook example. The 9 keywords
you must only use should be:
1. how to be a dog trainer
2. [how to be a dog trainer]
3. “how to be a dog trainer”
4. how to train my dog
5. [how to train my dog]
6. “how to train my dog”
7. buy dog training ebook
8. [buy dog training ebook]
9. “buy dog training ebook”
See that there are only 3 different keyphrases, that is how my
campaigns are composed. Only 3 extremely targeted keyphrases, each
one using the 3 types of keyword variations at Google, broad match,
phrase match and exact match (this is discussed in the free gift that I
gave you, the “AdWords Made Easy” eBook).
That gives a total of 9 keywords. I don’t need more to sky rocket my
conversions, neither you do.
So what you have to do is to find and test the most 3 targeted
keyphrases, and use the 3 keyword variations (broad match, phrase
match and exact match) to make a total of 9 keywords for each
To find what the most profitable and high converting keyphrases you
must use Google AdWords conversion tracking. These days, most
affiliate products’ Web sites, offer conversion code in their purchase
pages. So you can add your conversion tracking ID to your affiliate link
to track your keyword performance.
If you are promoting your own product, you can simply copy and paste
the conversion tracking code generated by Google into your Thank You
Start finding high converting products, do conversion testing of your
keyphrases to find the 3 most profitable. Use the 3 keyword variations
(broad match, phrase match and exact match) to make a total of 9
keywords. Replicate each campaign with a different product and with
very targeted keyphrases as the example above.
Then watch your big profits roll in!
Must Have Products For Your Internet
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Big Discount In A Great E-Book
You bought one of the very last copies of this report. Since this is
dedicated more to AdWords beginners, I got a few critiques from
AdWords experts saying “this is a good report, but for beginner or
intermediate AdWords users”.
So I’ve spent a lot of time writing a new e-book called “AdWords
Profits 2” where I will show you exactly how I start my AdWords
campaigns from A to Z (step-by-step) so even if you are an AdWords
expert you will have new things of great benefit to learn from that ebook. And following my method, there is no AdWords campaign that
could fail, I’ve proven this to myself a lot of times.
There are big amounts of quick money to be made with AdWords. I am
impressed at how easy it is when following a great step-by-step
system. And you will get exactly that system very soon.
So stay tuned.
Jacobo Benitez

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